Auto Rename Question

2009-05-28 15:10:25

Does the auto rename feature rename the file before, during or after the transfer takes place? We have a requirement to transfer a file with a .dat extension and then rename it to have a .txt extension on it after it has been transferred. The reason is there is a daemon on the other end that looks for .txt files every second. If we transfer the file with a .txt extension their server will try to grab and process the file before the upload is complete which results in a corrupted file.


2009-05-28 15:24:31

The filter is applied before the file is transferred. So if you upload bla.txt and have a a filer that renames it to bla.dat then the file will be uploaded as bla.dat


2009-05-28 16:49:34

Is there a way to automate the rename of a file after it is transmitted?


2009-05-28 16:53:45

Hello ..

Not with SmartFTP but we another product we have:



2009-05-29 08:05:41

simulation credit auto
The link is brilliant.
Thanks so much, Mat

2009-05-29 12:13:24

Wow... So the solution to automate the rename a file is to purchase more software that costs 7(ftp) to 16(ftp/sftp) times the amount of the cost of the main software? How is that brilliant?


2009-05-29 18:03:26

You can use the FTP Library with the Pro edition of SmartFTP.


2009-05-29 18:25:28

The installation tells me that it will only work for 25 days unless I purchase a copy of the library. Is this correct?


2009-05-29 18:28:08

No. Its not correct. Take a look at the SmartFTP SDK.

2009-05-29 19:05:37

I got it... Thanks for your patients and help.