upload filesto server options

Hello Smartftp Support
I sent to You two or three messages before about, I'm uploaded My website files and template to server. but while I want to login to my website I just seen the template empty, in separated case(files and template). Now I want to know something .
I create my website through www.hypervre.com/ I mean that my website it must be part of hypervre.com/ i mean that if my website (keyword).Is =fishing= that means I must uploaded my website to be as a part of hypervre.com :-
http://www.hypervre.com/fishing that means i don't need to have a domain name of course, the question ?
How I could be uploading the files to hypervre.com / through smartftp without a dmain name .

Thank you much

Hello Hafiz ..

What is your license key id?


Do you have the username/password and host for your ftp account?