How do I cancel a transfer in process?

I can't find how to do this ...

Somehow a finger slip started a transfer of files from my website to my pc. I think it is only copying, not deleting from the website. Many files are in the transfer queue. I have it paused, but I can't see how to cancel the transfer all together.

There is a red X button that asks if I want to delete a file. I don't know if this mean just from the transfer queue, or from the original folder as well.

thanks for your help

Also ... is there a how-to manual other than the Knowledge Base? I couldn't find specifics on the KB.

Dear Mary ..

To cancel a transfer, right-click the file/folder in the transfer queue and select "Abort". If you want to remove the item from the transfer queue select "Delete". This will not delete the file from the source.

There is currently no manual beside the the KB and the tutorials but we are here to help ;-)


That worked - thank you! The abort selections were grayed out. I deleted everything form the queue.

It was trying to download my entire website. Not sure how I made that happen.

I've been using SmartFTP for awhile now and this is the first problem I've encountered. It is easy, quick and reliable - I like it very much.