File Encryption compatibility with AES CTR tool


Just wanted to make sure that should files that are encrypted with SmartFTP be decryptable with the aesctr.exe command line tool?
(Aesctr is the tool that can be downloaded from the knowlodge page article 2605)

I haven't been able to decrypt any files with that tool that has been encrypted with SmartFTP and vice versa.

I'm using the latest version v3.0.1027.7 of SmartFTP.

Yep that should work. Did you specify the correct algo wen calling aesctr.exe?


Yes, I believe so.

In SmartFTP I'm using "AES 256 bit with SHA256" and with aesctr I'm using parameter sha256aes256.
Same password in both places. Tried many times.

We are investigating this problem. I already found and fixed a bug when compression was enabled with encrypted transfers.

I have fixed the bug. You can get the latest aesctr.exe from here:

Thanks for reporting.

The bug fix for the compression will be available in the next build of SmartFTP.