Import user accounts from cPanel

Hi, I am trying to import from cPanel but it will only import 3 accounts (I have about 30). Would this be a limitation of the Home Edition (v3.0.1027.7)? I have checked the editions comparisons but there isn't anything in there as far as I can see.


Hello ..

There are no limitations in the Home edition in this regard. So it is probably a bug in SmartFTP. What types of accounts are imported and which ones aren't?

Is cPanel running on a Windows or Unix host?


Hi Mat, is Linux and seems to import 3 accounts: 1) the root account, 2) the root plus _logs for some reason, 3) and one normal account - and even that one normal account makes no sense as to why it is being chosen. For example accounts named from a through to z, it keeps choosing the one account starting with q to import, it's the same type of account as all the rest?

By the way no passwords get imported as well but I thought maybe this is just a security thing or a limitation of cpanel itself?

I don't actually need this feature myself and was more just trying it out, but more than happy to help in any way if I can, just let me know what you'd need if so.


Thank you for your feedback.

The cPanel import only requests user accounts with FTP access (listftpwithdisk).

Can you run the following query:

and then send us ( the xml output?

cPanel does not return any password information (by default).

Thank you.

Is there a resolution to this? I ran the xml query on my host and go the following

2 0 39.9 main 1 /home/rpl unlimited 39.9 0 0 None 39.9 MB rpl rpl 0 0 logaccess 1 /usr/local/apache/domlogs/rpl unlimited 0 0 0 None None rpl_logs usr/local/apache/domlogs/rpl rpl_logs listftpwithdisk Ftp

which I'm guessing isn't right as I have around 70 accounts on the host, most of which I can (and do) FTP to and from using other apps?

SmartFTP can only import what cPanel returns. What you posted doesn't look like a reply the importer expects.