about img and index.html

Mr Mat:- Morning I hope to be relax
I came back to ask about the same issue (img/index.html). I setup all the steps which you specified to me yesterday. And I think the file transfered to server correctly, but while I click on the green arrow beside the ftp.fishing-rod-website.com/the img with index.html not appear on the page to select for drag and drog to local browser then click the start button if the transfer queque not transfer automaticly.
Please see the URL http://www.fishing-rod-website.com/you just see the template empty how I could jion it with Img/index.html what do you think the issue about there no relative between the templateand img/index.html.

warm regards

Dear Hafiz ..

Im sorry but I do not really understand the problem. Do you see the files on the server side in the Remote Browser?