My name is hafiz. I'm a new to smartftp,it's nice product I bought recently and it's flexible,but I have a bit defecult technique ,this product downloaded correctly
and while I begin to use to transfer index.html and htaccess and images files , the queque continue without any result, I applied the instruction of toturial but the status are =retry= and transfer is :- 0 byte
I used name and I used public_html . and I used ftp.IP / the result is the same as .
My domain name is :- the host name is :-
When you click the URL you just see the empty template without any index.html / images. could you assist me to jion the index.html/htaccess/images files to the template . this process take more than week without resolved .


Dear Hafiz ..

Are you transfers stuck in the transfer queue (window at the bottom of SmartFTP)? If yes please double click the first file and the log window appears. Please post the log here. Please make sure that you have started the transfer queue.