Locating lower Folders and Files on Remote Server

OK, I'm a newbie and this has probably been covered many times, I just can't seem to find the answer in the Forums.

I can successfully connect to the remote server. I have multiple Domains under my main Domain at the Host site. I have actually created two ftp accounts... one for the main Domain and one for the sub-domain and can connect sucessfully to both.

I am wanting to upload images/files from my local machine to a specific Folder on the remote site. When I connect to the remote, I do not see any folders or files below the base connected folder in the SmartFTP screen. I am assuming that I need to 'see' the respective folder on the remote site to upload to it?

Is the issue with a setting on my local SmartFTP side or something on the Host server settings side? Thanks!

Here's a screen shot...


Hello ..

From the screenshot I can see that you are successfully logged in.
Maybe you have individual logins for each domain/sub-domain?


Are you saying I am going to have to create a log-in ftp account on the Host server side for every folder below the Domain that I want to upload files to?

I am not supposed to be able to see all of the folders below the Domain on the left side screen and be able to click on them so the files I choose (on the right) can go to a specific folder?

I am just surprised that SmartFTP would be this limited????

Am I missing something here?

Hello ..

As far as I can see on the screenshot there are no existing folders on the server with the account you logged in. You can post the log from the remote browser here. I would also recommend to contact your web hosting provider. They can tell you whether you should have more folders in the root folder.


Thanks for the guidance. I figure it is something on the Host side that I need to address because there are hundreds of folders and thousands of files below the account (Domain) showing.

Thanks again!

Thanks for all the guidance. The issue was with the settings I had used on the Host server side.