Program Hanging Too Long... Tries to Propegate for a Loooooong Time


Name's Rob.

Can someone please shed some light on this, or help me to know what is happening please?

Every time I load-up Smart FTP (latest edition), the wheel icon nnext to my domain at the top is constantly spinning, trying to load-up the folder contents in my "Local Browser" Pane.

Can someone, like a Smart FTP Tech or someone, please tell me how I can get my Local Browser to stop it's "spinning wheel icon" at the top and get it to instantly load so I can drag-n-drop my folders and files over to the "Remote Browser" to go online?

Even after 400 years, sometimes the wheel stops and it shows the folders, if I then try to make a transfer of a file or folder, it just starts-up it's spinning, and trying to propegate the transfer, and it hardly ever pops back in.

Anyone know what this problem is?

If anyone knows, can you please try to help me get Smart FTP to just automatically boot right up and not hang????

Thank you for any help,

Does it happen for every Local Browser you open? File->New Local Browser.