2 problems since upgrade to latest version

I have the latest version of Smart FTP and these issues never happened before the upgrade

1) If I try to upload a large file over 50 or 60mb it gets to the end and then starts over immediately, so it never goes up. Files under that size go up no problems. So for larger files I have to use a different FTP client (a free one I won't mention) and the same large files that will not go up using smart FTP go up without a problem using the other program.

2) for some strange reason when I am connected to an remote FTP and I try to make a new folder like one with a date (example 05_02_2009) sometimes as I'm typing the number I get an error that says that symbol is not allowed. So to resolve I have to do one of 2 options, 1) make the folder on my local drive and then upload it or 2) use the free FTP client program I have because that make the folder remotely
without error

So what I conclude
1) something buggy in the latest build as I never had these 2 issues before upgrading
2) It does appear to be something with Smart FTP because when I switch to the other free FTP program I have I can do what I am wanting to do that Smart FTP is giving me errors on.


Hello ..

Please post the system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information". Thank you.

Can you please post the log from the transfer? To get it double click the file in the transfer queue.

We do not filter any characters in the remote browser.