Filter transfer based on file attributes

Good day;

I would like to have SmartFTP transfer the newest file from a folder and rename that file to a newname on a schedule. The example is updating a webpage with the most recent photo taken from a camera. The camera names the timed photos sequentially (eg photo001.jpg, photo002.jpg......) but I only want to upload the most current photo (in this case photo002.jpg but in 30min I want to upload photo003.jpg). I also want to rename the uploaded file WebPhoto.jpg and overwrite every time.

Anyone have a tidy solution? The filters function only seems to filter on wildcards, not on file attributes.

thanks, SJP

Dear SJP ..

I'm not aware of a way you can directly do this in the SmartFTP gui.

However you can realize this with the FTP Library component we are offering:

You need to write a small script which will do what you want. The Professional edition of SmartFTP allows you to use the SDK/FTP Library component.