Synchronization File Changes Log

I use version 3.0.1026.7 Pro on XP SP3.

I am doing a one-way synch (downloading to local) from a team site that has about 12G of data in a dozen or so folders. I synch once a week and am wondering if there is a log that only mentions which specific files met the requirements for overwrite (old, changed, etc) and were actually downloaded (not skipped). I need to share which files were updated with a few people on my end.

(And yeah, it would be nice if the remote site would just tell people they uploaded a new/changed file, but they are not that organized and have too many people putting things up.)

Sorry if this is a dumb question- but I've been digging around and couldn't find anything that looked appropriate.

Thank you!

There is currently no "short" log feature. You can enable the full logging but that includes all the commands/server replies.
If you are interested we can be hired for custom development.