No files on remote server "550 invalid path"

I downloaded the latest version of SmartFTP today (3.0.1026.18) and so I have the very latest version. The FTP server I am connecting to operates perfectly well with the DOS FTP CLIENT using commands like DIR, CD, MKDIR, etc. Why won't SmartFTP work?


[2009-03-10T22:22:57] Log opened
[2009-03-10T22:22:57] SmartFTP v3.0.1026.18
[2009-03-10T22:22:59] Resolving host name ""
[2009-03-10T22:22:59] Connecting to Port: 21
[2009-03-10T22:22:59] Connected to
[2009-03-10T22:22:59] 220 Homestead Limited Use FTP Server Awaiting Login
[2009-03-10T22:22:59] USER
[2009-03-10T22:22:59] 331 User name ok, need password.
[2009-03-10T22:22:59] PASS (hidden)
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-Thank you for using Homestead! Please read the following message
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-for important information and guidelines that should answer basic
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-questions about the Homestead FTP service.
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-* You do not have a file size limit restriction for uploading your
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- files. You will, however, be restricted by the amount of storage
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- that is available in your account.
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-* You cannot upload more than 20,000 files total per Homestead Web
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- site.
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-* If you are using the latest version of Homestead SiteBuilder, you
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- can upload files to the root directory of your Homestead Web sites.
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-* If you are using the older version of Homestead SiteBuilder, you
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- cannot upload files to the root directory of your Homestead Web sites.
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- Each Web site is assigned two directories:
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- (1) The root directory is reserved strictly for pages created
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- with the Homestead SiteBuilder. Imported files cannot be
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- moved to this directory.
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- (2) The 'Files' subdirectory is reserved strictly for imported
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- files and folders. Both the root directory and the 'Files'
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- subdirectory can be viewed from the 'pages & files' section
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230- of the Homestead site.
[2009-03-10T22:23:00] 230-
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230- IMPORTANT NOTE:
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230- We strongly encourage you to refrain from uploading folders in
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230- an existing subdirectory structure. Instead, please upload all
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230- files directly to the 'Files' subdirectory. The Homestead
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230- SiteBuilder is designed to work best with uploaded files that
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230- reside in the 'Files' subdirectory.
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230-
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230-We hope you enjoy using the Homestead FTP service, and remember that
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230-your comments are always welcome at:
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230-
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230-If you have any technical questions for our Support Team, please log
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230-into your Homestead account and create a new Help Ticket in the Help
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230-Center.
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 230 End of message.
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] SYST
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 215 UNIX Type: L8.
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] Detected Server Type: UNIX
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] RTT: 143.529 ms
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] FEAT
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] 502 Command not implemented.
[2009-03-10T22:23:01] TYPE I
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] 200 Type set to I.
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] REST 0
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] 502 Command not implemented.
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] PWD
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] 257 "/" is current directory.
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] TYPE A
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] 200 Type set to A.
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] PASV
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] 227 Entering Passive Mode (209,157,71,160,123,245)
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] Opening data connection to Port: 31733
[2009-03-10T22:23:02] LIST -aL
[2009-03-10T22:23:03] 550 Invalid path.
[2009-03-10T22:23:33] NOOP
[2009-03-10T22:23:33] 200 Command okay.

You have to remove the [x] Show All Files and [x] Resolve Symbolic Links options in the favorite properties:
1. Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
2. Look for your favorite (Quick Connect folder)
3. Right-click on it and select Properties
4. Go to the FTP->Transfer dialog
5. Uncheck the [x] Show All Files and [x] Resolve Symbolic Link Options

This will remove the -aL arguments from the LIST command your server does not like.


OH - it looks like I have for myself a learning curve to go through. that worked. Thank you much for the kick-start!