Problem of moving

I am a Russian user, I write in English with the help of the translate services; therefore previously please forgiveness for the possible errors.
I acquired SmartFTP in order with the aid of this program to move material between the folders of one and the same FTP. Using of this program I revealed that it is not able to move folder with the files, if folder-source and folder-destination are located on the different physical disks of FTP.
Assume it is necessary to move the folder X with the files, from the folder A to the folder B, which are arranged on one FTP, but physically on the different disks.
I tune program to two windows, to the left and to the right, in one window I go in the folder A, in other into the folder B. The folder X is placed in A. I select the folder X, and press the button of the moving (pointer, which is been located between the windows, there where the button of copying and moving).
Come out this log:

350 File or directory exists, ready for destination name
553 /B/X: Unable to rename file or directory.

I please to solve this problem with the program. Also itself I attempt to analyze error.
Error 553 arose because there are no folder X still in the catalog of destination.
If we first by hand create folder X in the folder B, then the command of moving will operate after this. I.e. before the command RNTO /B/X is still necessary the command of the creation of folder X in the folder B.
Also after moving, the already empty folder X will not be removed in A automatically. Will have to remove by hand this folder. I.e. at the end is necessary the command of the removal of folder X in the folder A.