Too many connections for this IP Address

EDIT - Just added my license key to the profile...

I am not able to upload after my PC crashed during the original upload...

Log is below - I followed the help - Closed the browser, cut the queue down to 1 item and disabled background transfers but still get the same message..

[21:43:44] SmartFTP v3.0.1018.1
[21:43:45] Resolving host name ""
[21:43:45] Connecting to Port: 21
[21:43:45] Connected to
[21:43:45] 421 Too many connections for this IP address, please try again later.
[21:43:45] Active Help:
[21:43:45] QUIT
[21:43:45] Connect failed. Waiting to retry (30s)...
[21:43:45] Server closed connection
[21:44:08] Aborted by user.

Any ideas?

Install the latest version of SmartFTP from here:

Then try to close the Remote Browser before you start the transfer queue. The better solution would be to contact your web hosting provider and request the limit of concurrent connectionsn to be removed or increased.


Usually after some time the old connections should automatically time out and you should be able to login to the server again. I'm not sure why this does not seem to be the case.