Selecting folder for download for scheduled transfer


I am trying to schedule a transfer of a folder from remote to local -- to back up a part of data.

But everytime I select the folder the contents appear in the Queue section.
So when I use the timer to schedule only the individual files are selected... not the whole folder.

So I cannot figure out how can I select the folder only - so I can schedule the downloading of folder (plus contents).

I have tried grouping - but nothing groups it into a folder.

Any ideas please.



Drag&drop folder itself (one item) and not the its contents.


Thank you for that.

Just an interesting note, if you drag and drop into the transfer queue the destination is the 'downloads' folder,
whereas if you use the download button in the middle it goes to the displayed folder but must select "Synchronize using automatic rules"
--- selecting merge will display the contents.

Hello ..

Yes that's the current intented behavior.