I have managed to screw up my SmartFTP system. I have uninstalled, reinstalled the latest beta version, but I still get unwanted data which I can't remove. In the left hand Remote Browser Address Box, even after shredding and a new install I get the Remote Browser Address, the correct Login, Password and Port. Below that, in the pane itself, I get
The Remote Browser URL (call it A) It is accompanied in a drop down tree by
"access logs" (call it B),
"public_html" (call it C)
"www" (call it D).
When I click on "A", B, C & D appear in the right hand pane, When I click on "B" I get a list of items from previous work in the right hand pane. Click on "C" & "D" results in a blank right hand pane. I am unable to delete any of these items and "cgi_bin" is not anywhere to be found (by me). I am unable to transfer "index.html" from my Local Browser. A solution to this mess would be most welcome. I have been trying to solve this for at least10 hours, no luck! Thanks

Hello ..

I recommend you contact your web hosting provider. They can probably reset the directory structure on your FTP account.