Automated Scheduled Transfers


I have set up a scheduled transfer to back up a remote website. However, I find that scheduled transfers only work if SmartFTP is already running (no entry gets added automatically to the Windows scheduler).

So, here is what I need to do:

  1. Schedule a transfer to occur weekly on a given day and time - DONE
  2. At the given day and time, SmartFTP starts up and does the transfer - ????
  3. After the transfer is complete, SmartFTP terminates - ????

Is this do-able? If not, I think that the scheduled transfer feature is of very limited usefulness.



Hello ..

Use the Scheduled Tasks (on Windows XP) or the Task Scheduler (Vista+) to start/stop SmartFTP.

You can also set "On Transfer Complete" option in SmartFTP to Close Application:
Menu: Tools->Settings. Then in the Queue dialog set the On Transfer Complete action.