Customized installation


2009-02-25 16:20:17


I'm looking to deploy SmartFTP 3.0 with some customized options.

I would like to do a silent deployment using the MSI and to have certain features enabled or disabled (enable secureFTP and disable saving of passwords).

I have an SMS environment and have used it previously to deploy generic installations of SmartFTP in the past.

Also, I would like the license file to register the product so that I won't have to have users our there registering it.

I have searched the forums for this type of thing, but have only found a post from 2006 dealing with very old versions of the product.

Any help is appreciated.

-Michael Wade


2009-02-25 16:35:30

Hello ..

>SMS and License Key ... 10313.html
This article still applies to the newest version.

>MSI and disable passwords
The registry option to disable the [x] Show Password Option is here: ... f2614.html

If you are looking for an option which prevents the users from entering the password we can add it to a future version.