Visual Compare - Date Updated always upload date

I would like to use Smart FTP instead of the FTP that is built into Visual Studio, but for this I need to have Visual Studio work well. However I'm having two problems

1. When I upload a file, the Date Modified of the remote file becomes the date of the upload, not the date of the file that has just been uploaded. Naturally Visual Compare shows that the two files are different (pink), even though I've just copied the local file and they are identical.

2. The local computer (my laptop) and the remote server had different folder options. My laptop was defaulting to "Don't show extensions for registered types", so that a file "Logon.aspx" was displayed as "Logon" and description "Aspx page". On the server it was shown as "Logon.aspx". This caused Visual Compare to show them as orphans (blue). I fixed this by setting my laptop to display all extensions, but I'd really like to be able to set Smart FTP to have its own rules so that I can always show extensions whatever the settings on the local and remote machine.

Problem #1 is the serious one, it will prevent me from using Smart FTP as my main maintenance tool. #2 is only a minor annoyance.

Regards, Robert Barnes.

Hello ..

This is problem with the server. It does not support the command to set the file/date of remote files. If you can ask your web hosting provider to upgrade their FTP server. Almost all professional FTP servers support this feature today.

We will take a look at it. Not sure what's the best solution but we will work out something.


Thank you for your very prompt reply. (I wish Microsoft responses were as prompt and clear).

I have referred problem #1 to my server support, and no doubt they'll be quickly on top of it. We're using Windows 2003 so there are bound to be the facilities that we need, it will simply be an option set the wrong way.

Let me know if/when you solve problem #2, but as I mentioned it is only a minor annoyance.

Regards, Robert.

The default FTP server (the one from IIS) does not let you set the date/time. You need to install a more advanced server like Gene6 or Serv-U.