change favorites folder


I just purchased SmartFTP. I had last used it when it was free using v2. Back then i was able to have my favorites stored in a different folder not on c:\. I want to have my favs encrypted and also, off c:\ in case i need to reformat, i do not have to worry about saving them before i format or whatever. I just installed the latest beta, and i do not see where to go to do this.

It used to be under settings/general/application folder. I point this to the folder where I would like it to be store, but it insists on sticking the favorites in c:\ How can I fix this?

Also, i used to be able to install smartftp to whatever folder and drive i wanted. Now, it forces me to install to c:\. Why was this changed and how can i change it.


Menu: Tools->Settings. Then go to the Favorites dialog and change the folder.