Reuse connection in Transfer failing -

When using the "reuse connections in transfer" option, once a LARGE (80MB) file is sent over in the Queue, any files following that
show to be transferred but in reality they are not. Removing the check on this option is the work around I've used but the speed
to upload file is greatly reduced as each and every file is having to login and then upload. As we are uploading 430 files or so
and out of those 10 are usually 60-80MB and the < 6MB.

I've tried to use 2 workers and setting the reuse connections on again however I get the same problem once the ~75MB file transfers
correctly. Then anything else new will not transfer. This is frustrating as when I test with something like FileZilla it works fine but
we use SmartFTP so I'd like to continue to use it.

Please advise what we can do to fix this, I'd prefer FTPS but IT won't budge on the firewall changes to open up 21 and the passive
ports the remote server requires so a single port for SFTP is being used.



Install the latest version from here:

Then post the log from the failed transfer. To get it double click the file in the transfer queue.

I have done several tests and so far the Reuse connection for the Transfer Queue is working great now.

Thanks alot!