Runtime Error!

This evening I went to use SmartFTP and when I tried to launch it I get the SmartFTP splash screen, it goes away and a short time thereafter I receive a Runtime Error! The runtime error is followed by another error about a site I am trying to attach to is no longer available. Windows then tells me it is searching for a solution and I get a button to click on to close the program.

I used SmartFTP fine last night and the only "change" to my computer today was the installation of the latest NVIDIA video card drivers for my computer.

I have attached this image to show you the errors in detail:


Since I cannot start the application I cannot verify with 100% certainty what version I am running, but by looking in the program files \ smart ftp client directory that executable is from August 08 and is

So the next thing I will do is download 1024 and install it and see if that fixes the problem.

Please install the latest version from here:

If this doesn't help delete the registry key/folder at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SmartFTP

We don't know what the problem is. We were never able to reproduce it here. One reason is that some users are downgrading to earlier versions of SmartFTP without first cleaning the registry etc.