Move Folder without Deleting Folder & Sub Folders?

Hello Everybody,

My question follows after the speal.

Currently SmartFTP has an option to not delete the root Folder that is being transfered.
However SmartFTP will delete all subfolders and files. This is a problem if new files are added to the subfolders because SmartFTP will not reprocess the query until the "Delete Subfolder" (child) item is completed.

C:\FTP\cam01 - SmartFTP does not delete if option is checked. This is good.
C:\FTP\cam01\0101 - SmartFTP deletes after moving files out. This is good but new files are added every minute to this subfolder.
C:\FTP\cam01\0101\BunchOfFiles.avi - File are moved to FTP server. This is good, but new files are added and SmartFTP needs to reprocess cam01 folder.

My question, how do I get SmartFTP to either not delete the subfolders (0101, 0102, etc) or have it reprocess the query if the delete subfolder (child item) does not get completed? In other words, ignore the Delete Subfolder until it is empty and able to be deleted.

At the end of the day, the subfolders should be empty and SmartFTP can delete them. Hope this makes sense.


Hmm, still no solution eh?

I tried setting 2 workers per item but it still wont rescan until the subfolder is deleted. *sigh* So close.