Sleep icon showing up more often


First I would like to say that SmartFTP is an excellent program but I have various files in the transfer queue uploaded on a reoccurring schedule (for example, uploading weather information files every 30 minutes). Occasionally the upload stops after a couple of minutes and when I look at the queue list, I see a sleep icons next to the all the files in the queue(a few Z's in bubbles, suggesting snoozing) and all the files stop uploading. If I close and re-open SmartFTP the list re-initializes and proceeds with the uploads for a few seconds but then it stops.

I have the Queue set to O in the Kbs section and I have up to 80 workers. I have tried 1 to 80 workers and it still goes to sleep after a few seconds.

I am running a licensed version of 3.0.1024.32 Pro version.
Any ideas?


Reduce the number of works to 1. The sleep icon appears because of the waiting retry. This is normal and after 30 seconds (the default) the file is processed again.

Also please install the latest version from here:

Hello, I'm having the same RETRY issue..
Nvm, it was my server lmao!!