automatic scheduling

How could one automatically start SmartFTP ,with the transfer queue I've built up and automatically log onto my
home FTP server and start "backing" up with my queue?
Say it is a W2K system and I would like it to "Add to scheduled tasks at system startup"


Please take a look at the Schedule tutorial at:

After you have setup the scheduled transfers add SmartFTP to the scheduled tasks.

If you mean the tutorial:"Scheduling a recurent transfer" I'm already up to that point now. Things are scheduled
and folders are specified that I wish to keep.
I've added SmartFTP to Windows scheduled tasks but that still does not log in.
One could say you manually log in and leave the program running, but I want to recover from what ever
problem may befall the machine. If something bad happens during a transfer , I would like a reboot to
get SmartFTP to re-try.

I'm sorry but I do not understand your question. SmartFTP automatically retries the transfers. So by default it will retry until all transfers are successful.

Sorry. I will try again.
I would like SmartFTP to start up, then log in to my home server automatically from a remote computer which has
rebooted from a brown-out, system-freeze up, web-power-strip reboot etc etc

Add SmartFTP to the Windows Scheduler / Task Manager. Then everytime your computer restarts the task (SmartFTP) is restarted.

Yes. I have done that and that's good, but there is just one more step.
At that point the computer running SmartFTP presents the "Enter Login Information" dialog box.
How do I get the userid+password entered in there automatically if it is unattended.

Enter the password into the favorite properties of your favorite.

I may need a little more elaboration.
So I went to "Favorites" tab > Favorite Properties > and the General box appears.
On the bottom I filled in the password. I closed out. I could go to File > Reconnect and it would reconnect fine without the
Username/password dialog box. I then went to File > Exit and closed out of SmartFTP.
When I started it again ,it went right back to "Enter login Information" and the password field was blank. The user field had correct FTP site
and the bottom Update field had Favorites in it. When I went back to Favorites > Properties the passord field was blanked out again.
My question next is how do you get it to stay in there?


Was there a resolution of this topic / issue.

I am about to set up something similar on one of our office machines and need to know more about how to do this.


Nik C