Queue does not run

I just updated my smartFTP 3.0, but this problem persists. I can log into my ftp site, view the files, and create new folders, but i cannot upload or download any files. The files show up in the queue when i drag and drop, but after a few seconds the icon beside the file name becomes a cloud with Zzz in it. The status is always at zero bytes, the speeds never move from 0 either. I need the files to copy! How can this be fixed?!

Start the transfer queue by clicking on the little blue play button in the transfer queue window at the bottom.

The blue play button is faded out; i can pause and stop the supposed transfer, but cannot make it run.

this is what i think is the problem: 501 invalid option (see partial script below). i have also tried switching from passive and active modes. what else could it be?

[13:59:17] Detected Server Type: UNIX
[13:59:17] RTT: 153.699 ms
[13:59:17] FEAT
[13:59:17] 211-Extensions supported
[13:59:17] SIZE
[13:59:17] MDTM
[13:59:17] MLST
[13:59:17] XCRC
[13:59:17] XMD5
[13:59:17] XSHA1
[13:59:17] size*;type*;perm*;create*;modify*;
[13:59:17] LANG EN*
[13:59:17] REST STREAM
[13:59:17] TVFS
[13:59:17] UTF8
[13:59:17] AUTH SSL;TLS-P;
[13:59:17] PBSZ
[13:59:17] PROT C;P;
[13:59:17] 211 end
[13:59:17] Detected Server Software: WS_FTP Server
[13:59:17] OPTS UTF8 ON
[13:59:17] 501 invalid option
[13:59:17] SITE UTF8

The 501 invalid option is no problem. Please post the complete log from the file in the transfer queue. To get it double click the file in the transfer queue.