Zip or Backup Server with SmartFTP?


2009-01-01 18:59:17


First time poster here but I've been using SmartFTP for many years now.
I have a question.
Can I backup and download (using zip, tar, etc) the contents of my server's "public_html" folder using SmartFTP?

I need to backup my website but I do not have backup capability from my server host.
If SmartFTP cannot do this, does anyone know who or what app I can use to do this?
Will WinZip access a server and backup data?



2009-01-01 19:03:07

You can just drag&drop the folders/files from your server to your computer and SmartFTP transfers all the files. Then if you want you can zip/rar the files on your computer. But there is no way you can zip/rar the files on the server first and then transfer it.