Can I upload in a different filename?

Can I upload in a different filename?

Recently I am required to upload one file from many backup CD to a ftp server.

Let's say, all of the file in all CD is named as "".

However, actually each CD has a project ID, say the first one is "P73201", second one is "P34567". I have over 500 CD need to copy to the same FTP server under the same folder.

I don't want my files uploaded become, project (2).zip, project (3).zip and after that, i need to do all the guessing and mapping and rename them all to the correct filename.

What I want is a simple option, let's say "Transfer As" (Many other FTP project DO have this option) and let me input a desired filename before the upload is start.

Is SmartFTP has this function? I can't find it out.

1. Stop the Transfer Queue
2. Do the drag&drop operation
3. The file is added to the transfer queue
4. Right-click on the file in the transfer queue and select Properties from the context menu
5. Change the destination path
6. Click OK
7. Start the transfer queue

Yes, it is possible.

But may i request except the 2 "upload/download" buttons in the middle of the window, can you please add "upload as" and "download as" buttons? Please support this feature...

It is because, instead of "upload as", then "type in the new filename" 2 step..

Now i need to "stop the queue", "upload", "right click and choose property", "change the filename in the fullpath", "click ok", "restart the queue"..

much more step need to do...

Moreover, if the destination already have a file with the same name.. it will pop a window let me choose what to do.. there is one more step...

Besides.. I tried another approach, but still not working..

I tried to "keep completed item in the queue", so that after one file fininshed transfer, the entry in the queue will still there with "complete" marked.

My intention is after i replace a new CD in the room, i change the property of the queue entry to a new filename, and then try to "restart" it... however I can't find a way to "restart a completed entry".... can you advise as well?

You may want to enable the "[x] Pause item after transfer" option in the transfer queue item properties dialog.


But how can i skips all the other steps? your advise can only stop one step which is pause the queue.

No plan to enhance this functionality?

Not at this time. Download As is already available and for the other functions there are work arounds.