Visual Compare Error

Hi there,

My visual compare doesn't work like it used to! I've bought a new computer with Vista Home Premium on it, previously had XP and since installing smartFTP on the vista the visual compare hasn't worked properly.

It only works if I download a file from the ftp to my local host. Now this isn't very useful as in order to show them all as Equal I have to first upload them to the server, then download and overright the original file on my local host.

Previously to on XP it changed the setting to Equal as soon as I had uploaded it, no need to download it once it was uploaded!!

Can someone please shed some light on this and how to fix it?



The Visual Compare feature compares the date/time of your files. If the times do not match the files are not displayed as equal. You can change the visual compare settings in the settings: Menu: Tools->Settings. Then go to the Visual Compare dialog.


thanks Mat, didn't notice it was done on date and time as well as file size, so in theory as soon as it uploads the date and time are out!