Registration & license key Not Very Clear

After receiving the SmartFTP CD and installing, there was not a automatic licensing.

Instead I was warned that my trial period had been ended. (I used that before and b by the way did an uninstall before install)

Next, going to the SmartFTP site it was not clear where to license (of course I found it after a while).

So please,

1 Notify on the final popup after installation that registration has to be completed via the SmartFTP site
2 On the site, put a big Registration Picture / Banner / whatever on top for users who just want to registrate

Sincerely yours,
Ives IT

You can always resend your license key at: http;// This link is always included in the dialog which shows up when starting SmartFTP. The license key email contains detailed instructions on how to activate SmartFTP.

For assistance please contact us at