Best way to use SmartFTP to backup website

Hi folks,

I have a site that I wish to backup locally. Its got around 7gb of files (photos, videos etc) and over 100,000 files. I tried just dragging and dropping the remote browser folders to my local hard drive but it ran for about an hour and then just stopped.

Whats the best way to do this?

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Drag&Drop is the best way. Why did it stop it? Did the application crash?

Drag&Drop is the best way. Why did it stop it? Did the application crash?

Nope, looks like it disconnected from the server and didnt bother trying to reconnect and continue :S

Did I miss an option somewhere?


SmartFTP automatically reconnects if the transfer fails. You can get the detailed error in the log of the item in the transfer queue. Double click the file that failed and the log window opens.

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Sorry for the delay. Kinda sidelined things a bit but back on the case now.

I tried this again, using my other PC. I rebooted the PC, started up SmartFTP and selected one of my big folders on my website to download.

The download started at about 5pm and SmartFTP crashed just under 5 hours later.

I had gone home and left it running so when I turned my monitor on this morning I saw no SmartFTP loaded so I thought maybe Windows had rebooted but after running systeminfo.exe from the CMD prompt it said the uptime was 16 hours.

SFTP managed to pull down 800mb of files (18,800 files in 71 folders) before crashing. There was no error message just straight to desktop.

As soon as I started SFTP back up it started where it left off before crashing last night.

My only concern here is that it might have mucked up one of the files, missed one or is now going through a queue list thats been processed but then crashed.

Any advice you can give would be great thanks.


... just to add on the end.

Ive had the program running since I got back in this morning and its completed its task download my folder but it hasnt actually transferred all the folders and files within the folder.

In total (including the amount of files transferred before it crashed) it has downloaded:

48,880 files / 207 folders / 2.08GB

I dont know if thats maybe some kind of limit or not though.

The transfer queue is now empty but I know there are still another 70 odd folders and countless files still in that one folder that havent been transferred yet.

What do you guys recommend?

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What is this limit and is it now removed or has it been increased?

I didnt see any mention of it in the knowledge base when I looked.

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Oh I actually meant that there is no artificial limit.

Ah ok, I'll download the latest one though I believe it is the latest edition I have running at the moment.

I'll report back and let you know how things go.