TQ bug

when i clear the TQ and save it and then open it in notepad++ for viewing, i see some old files in it - whereas the file should be practically empty. when i Add it inside SF, no files get added to SF's TQ - just as if there were no files in the xml, but there are.

Could it be because SF has crashed multiple times?

I tried deleting the master TQ from %appdata%/SF/client/ but the file just isn't there. You suggested this action in one of my previous bug reports and then it helped, but not this time.

The transfer queue file also contains the items from the temporary queue. You can delete them in the Temporary Queue window (menu: View->Other Windows->Temporary Queue).

If you are prompted to reboot after you have installed a new version of SmartFTP please do so.

i found the files i complained about in the Temporary Queue. i've been called the Transfer Queue as TQ - sorry about that. i'll be more unambiguous next time.

and also, i ahve forgot to restart my system some times after updating to the latest.