upload seems successful but really isn't

After upload, files look like they're online in Smart Ftp window - i.e. when I browse through my web directory they look like they're in the right place. However, my content management system doesn't see them at all and when I go to my server's file manager the files don't seem to be there at all. It's like Smart Ftp is showing the files to be online when they really aren't.

This is weird - I've been using Smart Ftp for quite a while now and haven't had this problem at all. I tried installing the newest version and cleared the cache several times.

It looks like a problem with your CMS to me.

It looks like a problem with your CMS to me.

I disagree - when I go to my server's control panel and navigate to the file manager I still can't see those files that I can see in SmartFTP's remote server window.
The files have nothing to do with the CMS - even when I try uploading to a different directory (the one that doesn't have anything to do with the CMS) I get the same problem

If you see the files in the Remote Browser window in SmartFTP then they are on the server. Try to refresh the folder by pressing F5 to see if they are really on the server.