Display successful transfers


I am not sure but I believe that there was an option (or separate tab) which allow you to see all the files transferred during last session. Such an option is available in clients like Filezilla, for example. Usually I upload 10s of files during the night using various source and destination folders, and I need to delete some of original files after successful upload. The log file is now good source for such information and it is not easy to read and can be very long to search for file name(s) and locations. So, is there an option to track successful uploads in SmartFTP? I use v.3.0.1021 x64. Thank you.

There is a [x] Remove finished items from the transfer queue option in the menu: Tools->Settings then in the Queue dialog. Uncheck this option and the items will not removed automatically.


Thanks, mb . Although I think in general separate tab for successful transfers is better idea, the option with checkmark you proposed will do the job.