Panes re-arranging themselves

Good morning,

SmartFTP v3.0.1019.8

I arrange my local and remote panes in a vertical tiling with local on bottom and remote on top (so "up" and "down" load are meaningful without thought). I really don't want side-by-side for the panes.

If I resize SmartFTP application, display/hide the transfer queue, etc., the windows reverse themselves so that local is on top and remote is on the bottom. This is more than annoying, as on at least a couple of occasions, I've not noted the swap, and deleted files on the remote when I wanted to delete a local file, crashing the remote application using the files.

I cannot find anything by searching in the knowledge base or the forums that addresses this. If I've missed it, it's not for lack of effort.

Any help appreciated.


You have two options:

1. Enable the standard Tab mode (Menu: Window->Tabbed Interface)
2. Disable Auto Arrange in the MDI Mode (Menu: Windows->Auto Arrange)