Missing Files Clogging Up Queue

Ver 3.0.1023.4

I've got an intresting issue. I've got an automatic FTP on schedule that transfers files via FTP. The copy operation (one way synch) starts every thirty minues and during the week works fine. Over the weekend however (when there are tons of changes) the queue gets behind, sort of "overlapping" - that is items queue multiple times. Now, when some of those items that are already queued get deleted on the source then the entire queue "locks up" - which is to say these items never "clear" from the queue and just keep trying to transfer - keeping other files from transfering. Any ideas?

Are you downloading or uploading files?

Can you post the log from the item that does not longer exist on the source?


I am downloading files to the local host. I do not have the log files but this will happen again this weekend (It has been several weeks in a row now) so I can collect any logs needed.

Thank you.

I believe I can reproduce the problem with your log.