Overwrite when uploading

I was uploading some files this morning and as the original files existed I was given a choice of options. I chose 'merge' and as it turns out was wrong. Now I am sure some while back there used to be an overwrite choice ? I have been told this is what I should have chosen. What happened to that choice ? or am I missing it somewhere.

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Hello ...

The merge option comes up for folders because you cannot really "overwrite" folders. So click "Merge" and if SmartFTP finds a file with the same name in the folder you are given the choice to "Copy" respectivelly overwrite the file. There is also a [x] do this for all conflicts options at the bottom left of this dialog if you want to overwrite all files. If you always want to overwrite the files there is another option:

Q: How to automatically use the file exist rules instead of the showing the file exist dialogs?
A: Go to the favorite settings. menu: Favorites -> Edit Favorites. Locate your favorite. Right-click on it then select Properties from the context menu. Then go to the Transfer -> File Exist dialog. Set the first option to Use Automatic Rules.
If you want to change the default behavior change the option in the default favorite: Go to the menu: Tools -> Settings. Then in the General -> Favorites dialog click on Edit button in the Default Favorite section


"MERGE" without copying existing files with same name:
It seems that the above steps result in all files beeing overwritten.
What I want to do is to only copy files that do not exist, and skip the rest.

I have a directory with several subdirectories.
When I drag the root directory to download, I select MERGE and tick the box for doing the same for other conflcts.
Next promt asks what to do with same files... I select skip (or dont copy), and again tick the box.

The result is that only files in the first subdirectory is copied correctly.
The next directories are skipped????

Am I using a wrong procedure?


It's the right procedure but there might a bug in SmartFTP. We are looking into it.


What version of SmartFTP are you using? Can you post the system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information".