smartFTP corruptng my iamges


smartFTP seems to corrput images that are being uploaded in a random way.

Here is a message I get when trying to display an image taht shoud be there and which IS there if I look at the dirctory.
The image '...' cannot be displayed becaue it contains errors. ... r_left.png

Only, after uplaoding with smartFTP it is corrput.

The upload protocol is binay, not ascii
can you suggest a solution?


SmartFTP does not temper your data. Try the latest version:

Maybe you have to disable compression since there are some known servers with a bug in the compression code.


1. Post the system information from the menu: Help->About "System Information"
2. Post the log showing the transfer. You may need to stop the transfer queue first. Then double click the file in the transfer queue. Then start the transfer queue.