Show hidden files

I cannot view the .htaccess files on my host because they are hidden. While using SSH, I can see that the files do exist. I have following these steps: ... s-f64.html but can still not see the hidden files. Can anyone help?

I am running SmartFTP v3.0.1022.44

Thanks a lot!

Right click on the folder with the hidden file. Then select "Show Raw Listing" from the context menu. Then check if the .htaccess file is listed there.

If SmartFTP uses MLSD you can disable it. Maybe your server shows the .htaccess files in the LIST reply.


Hi Mat,

I still can't see .htaccess hidden files. Support at Rackspace says it's an issue with my FTP client. It does show in raw logs, but your solutions don't work. What next?


Post the log from the remote browser.