Disable Quick Connect


I love SmartFTP, but Quick Connect is really getting on my nerves. I'm a software developer, and I connect to a dozen different FTP servers for various resources every day - most of them I will never revisit.

Can't I get SmartFTP to run in "dumb mode" or something? I really don't want it deciding what should be favorited and what shouldn't - my "Favorites" list is really a "history list" more than anything else... Favorites should only be for stuff that I personally like - not stuff that SmartFTP decides I should like on my behalf.

Is there any way to disable the auto-favoriting functionality? Please?


Hello ..

This is by design. You can always delete the favorites in Quick Connect folder after a while. You can write a small .cmd script which automatically deletes the Quick Connect favorites folder when your computer starts:
rmdir /s "%AppData%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites\Quick Connect"


Can I please request that the ability to disable quick connect be added to the next release of SmartFTP?

I know it seems like something minor, but I actually dread connecting to a new FTP server with SmartFTP because of this... sounds lame, I know; and as a fellow software developer I know that users sometimes don't know what's good for them and ask for the most ridiculous things, but it would be really great if you could please, please add an option to disable this feature.

As I tried to explain in my last reply this is by design. We implemented it because it was the best way to our knowledge considering many factors (technical, user feedback, etc).

I also have provided a workaround which allows you to automatically delete the the favorites that are stored in Quick Connect folder.


I understand that completely

I realize that the great majority of your users probably are thankful for this feature. However, I'm requesting that you kindly consider give your advanced users the option of customizing their SmartFTP experience - power users who'd enjoy this sort of fine control over the features in the software are those that will use your software most-heavily and on a daily basis.. so it would be great if you could tend to the little details like this.

My problem isn't mitigated by the ability to delete the contents of the Quick Connect folder via a script - my issue is that it's a real PITA to attempt to connect to a server w/ one configuration, find out it doesn't work, then modify the settings to try again with a different set of configuration options when the first (failed) attempt is already stored to Quick Connect. It's an issue of how SmartFTP deals with Quick Connect entries during the session itself rather than the accumulation of Quick Connect entries over time that irks me most.

I appreciate your time in both developing the program and addressing your users' requests.

You can edit the favorite directly without creating a new one. For example if the password is wrong click on the little "Favorite Properties" icon in the toolbar of the Remote Browser. Change the Password and then wait for the connection retry or press Ctrl+R to force it. You can also access the favorite in the menu: Favorites->Favorite Properties if you have a relatively new version of SmartFTP installed.

Another "trick" is to make the Quick Connect folder read only. Then SmartFTP will store the favorite in the memory in a "virtual folder" and will not create the xml file. You should still be able to "move" the favorite from this virtual folder to a real folder after you decided to keep the favorite.