Log activity steals cursor focus

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Am using SFTP 3.0.1023.4. In remote browser, whenever a log line is written (such as NOOP during inactivity) the cursor is stolen from its current location.

If this happens during mouse click, then a single click doesn't have any effect. If stolen during a double-click, then only a single-click action will happen.

This also happens during direct typing, such as in search box, renaming a filename, typing in a new direct pathname.

Can this be fixed so the cursor remains where it is during log activity?

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P.S. I don't know if there are other situations which steal the cursor (or not), this is the one I've noticed. Thanks.

Hello ..

SmartFTP disables the Search and Command Line edit boxes when there is an operation in progress. This is to make sure that no further operation is started when there is already one operation pending. The keep alive feature is realized as an operation which sends a keep alive command (NOOP for example) to the server. That is the reason the edit boxes are disabled during a keep alive operation. We will see if we can find a better solution.

A workaround is to increase the keep alive interval or disable this feature completely.


Hi Mat,

Yes I understand the reason behind the behavior and agree with idea.

When typing the behavior is very disconcerting to have the cursor taken, typing quickly then hitting ENTER and executing whatever portion was typed :-/ because of not seeing the cursor stolen away in time to prevent enter. Also, can't get back to where I was typing without picking up mouse and clicking, then put mouse down and try to resume typing, cursor leaves again during this process... a bit frustrating.

I will increase the NOOP interval as far as server will let me as I do need the keepalive function. A workaround to allow typing or click and buffer it until current operation comes and goes in log file, that would be great.

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In the latest version the command line input box and the search input box are no longer disabled when an operation is in progress. You can get the latest version from here:

Hi Mat,

SmartFTP still steals the cursor when typing in a direct pathname. I'm talking about right under the TAB for the remote browser where '/' followed by the directory path segment by segment is shown. I can type a new pathname to jump to on top of the path displayed here, unless SmartFTP takes my cursor :-)


Hi Mat,

This one seems to be working just fine. Thank you!

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