Trouble Logging on for the first time

Just installed the software. When I try to log on, the message I get is 530. The host does not recognize the logon. I have followed the instructions from
the host (ComCast) as far as the url, user ID and port 21. I called them and they have verified the logon user ID and password. Can you help?

The log says that the host was connected
The FTP Server was ready
The user name was given
password requested
Pass (hidden)
Notice 530 (host didn't like the password)

I checked to ensure "caps" key wasn't locked and retyped the password several times.
The host verified the password over the phone.

Please post the log from your session (the place where it says login failed).

Usually if you get a login failure it means that you do not have the correct username/password to login to the server. You can try to enter it again:
menu: File->New Remote Browser


It means that you still don't have the correct username/password or you have not entered it correctly. From the log I can see that you are using your username without the suffix. Try to create a new connection: menu: File->New Remote Browser.