Reverting Back to Trial Version

I recently purchased another year of support and upgraded to the Pro-Version.

Problem is, whenever I start SmartFTP, it tells me my trial version has experied and refuses to load and launches a web-browser to SmartFTP's home page.

Several times, in an attempt to remedy this, I re-import the license file (XML). The program will then load however all of my custom settings are wiped out.

Today, I attempted to start SmartFTP and the prompt indicated that my trial version has expired.

As you can imagine, this is getting a bit tiresome if not frustrating (especially since every time this occurs, my favorites and other settings are cleaned out).

I'm fairly confident that I'm not "deleting" my license file. I assume that when the import occurs, SmartFTP will store the location (perhaps in the registry) of the file and check on that file when the program launches. What could be the reasons, other than the file being deleted, for SmartFTP "losing track" of it's registration info?

Please advise,

SmartFTP 3.0.1022.27
Vista Business

Hello ..

If your license key shows up in the menu: Help->About then you successfully activated SmartFTP.

Mat works for a while but for some unknown reason, it's reverting back to an expired trial state.

See screenshot:

I could run the license set, again, but I'd like to figure out why SmartFTP thinks it's an expired trial. It's getting quite annoying and it doesn't appear that I'm the first or only user to experience this.


You get the trial dialog in the following situations:
- SmartFTP does not find your license key file: Possible reason: The license key does not exist
- SmartFTP cannot verify your license key file. Possible reason: MSXML is broken on your system.
- Your license has been black listed: This is not the case here.
- SmartFTP is unable to verify the integrity of the application files. To verify this right-click on the sfFTPLib.dll file in Windows Explorer, then select Properties from the context menu. Then go to the Digital Signatures dialog and check if signature is valid.

There is no feature in SmartFTP which automatically reverts back to the trial version if you have a valid license key.