Problem with Transfer Queue

hi there,

ive used smart ftp for a while and purchased a copy when you changed to version 3.

i just upgraded to 3.0.1022

now i am unable to transfer files up or down

this happens on any server i connect to

i drag files between either local and remote and they are added to the transfer queue

i press play on the transfer queue and the status changes to 1 of 1 workers running

however - nothing else happens, the queue does not attempt to do anything, even after 5 minutes it still just sits there

if i then press the stop button, the start/pause/stop buttons become greyed out and i can no longer add anything to the queue -
even though when i try to add something to the queue the status window of the browser tells me "the operation has been added to the transfer queue. check the transfer queue status", however nothing appears in the queue.

please help

i forgot to add i tried re-installing - to no effect

i have since gone back to version 1019, which has a flaky queue but it works

I am having the exact same problem. Is there a way you can turn off the transfer queue? I just want to upload a file.

Looks like a bug in the latest version. I'm looking into it now.