Super Slow Download...

I've tried and tired to get something more than 15 kbs out of my downloads with this program. I'm on windows vista ultimate with a 6 mpbs connection. My download speeds through the browser are through the roof. Why can't this program download faster? I tried going through my router and allowing the port range for my ip. Should I try port forwarding? My modem can't be viewed with so I don't know if it's something in my modem slowing me down.

Back in my p2p days this seems similar but you just had to open the ports in the router and it worked, fast. Is this program blocked by isp's? Or is it the ports? If so what ports should I use?

This is killing my business from home, a web designer. I can't upload or download anything quickly.


The performance of your downloads has nothing to do with SmartFTP. Try to download some files from another server and see if it is better. Did you limit the KBps/Worker value in the Transfer Queue window? It should be set to 0.