FTP Keeps repeating upload-Deletes and reuploads file

Help... I load a file to upload in the que and it loads, deletes, uploads, deletes upload deletes and never stops... Ran for over 4 hours without it stopping. Not sure why it keeps this loop going. Is there a solution for this.

1. Install the latest version from: https://www.smartftp.com/download
2. Post the log from the transfer queue item. To get it double click the file that repeatedly uploads

Your server returns a different hash value for the file than what SmartFTP calculates. I recommend to disable the transfer integrity check:
1. Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
2. Locate your favorite. Look in the Quick Connect colder
3. Right-click on the favorite and select "Properties" from the context menu
4. Go to the Transfer->Integrity dialog and disable the Transfer Integrity check