Delete files after transfer from remote & Auto transfer

Please advise how to accomplish the following on SmartFTP 3

1) How do I set up SmartFTP to schedule to download from my remote server. The files are always in the same directory and the names change on each file.

2) How can I set to delete the files from the server after they are transferred to my local computer ?


Hello ..

0. Install the latest version of SmartFTP from:
1. Stop the Transfer Queue
2. Drag&Drop the folder from the Remote Browser to the Local Browser
3. Right-click on the newly created item in the transfer queue and select Schedule from the context menu
4. Setup your Schedule
5. Go to the General dialog in the transfer queue item properties dialog and change the Operation from Copy to Move
6. If you don't want that the folder on the server is deleted then check the [x] Do not delete folder option in the Advanced dialog of the trasnfer queue item properties.
7. Start the Transfer Queue