Temporary Queue Transfer Immediate

I have been using Smart FTP for a long time. I generally have a lots of big backups downloading in the Transfer Queue... and then I need to upload small files immediately. I have always just dragged and dropped from Windows Explorer for my immediate issues.

I upgraded to Smart Ftp 3.0 (Windows XP Service Pack 2 build 2600) and now every time I drag and drop it sends files into the the Transfer Queue (at the bottom). There is no way to escalate the priorities either. I just upgraded to version 3.0.1022.31 and I didn't see anything similar to this problem in the forums.

I have also tried to drag and drop files into the Temporary Queue "Tab" and manually set the "remote destination". After I do that it sends the file(s) to the bottom of the Transfer Queue again.

That fixed the problem for me (having large backups running in the background). However it seems to have introduced another issue for me uploading a large amount of small files. The Global worker queue is now set to 2... which causes the "Retry At" delays. You can see it discussed in this message thread.

https://www.smartftp.com/forums/index.ph ... retry+slow

Before 3.0 I was able to have large transfers in the background, and have small uploads in the foreground (with no waiting).

Post the log from the items that are in retry state.