Help file?

I see there is an indexed, searchable help file (.chm) for the FTP Library.

Does such a file exist for the SFTP Client? I am looking for more information about Workers and how to use them. The flash movie tutorials say nothing except to set Workers to 1 and KB to 0.

I don't learn very well from watching movies and much prefer to have a conventional Help system that I can search.



Hello ..

A help file for the FTP client is not available yet. However we can answer your questions here.

The number of workers are the number of parallel transfers. For example if you have 10 files in the transfer queue and you set the number of workers to 2 then 2 workers will download 2 files in parallel. Sometimes you can increase the transfer performance by increasing the number of workers. But in most cases the default settings in SmartFTP result in the best performance.